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"What better place than up here, away from it all!"

An alpine lodge with picnic tables and a mountain vista - perfect for a get together. But it takes more than that for a memorable event. Your event is born as an idea that matures into a plan, which then needs to be put into action. That's why we find it important to meet with you personally and be part of the planning process. Once you've set the course, we'll take over the rudder. With a feeling for the situation and a passion for service. Which has many facets.

Glasses that don't worry about getting refilled. A smile instead of stress. Service staff that is very discreet, but active behind the scenes. And food preferences, ranging from meat to vegan dishes, all of which are catered to. This leaves you free to devote yourself to your guests and celebrate. "Yes we can!"

Occasions to celebrate aplenty: Christmas, New Year's, Halloween. And many personal occasions: A wedding, an anniversary, a company celebration, birthday, baptism, company event, and so many more. Exclusive evening events with 30 to 100 persons are possible - you can send us your inquiry and/or reservation by email.



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