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"Everything is homemade."

If our bacon dumplings were able to talk, they would have lots to say. They know what fresh ingredients are about and have been handled by gentle hands. Most important though: They are a product of the quality that resides in our kitchen. We purchase many products regionally and know most of our suppliers personally. From the baker in town to the local farm shop. Better to graze in the alpine meadows in front of our lodge than to be transported here by truck – we treasure the local cycle of goods and that means to knowing where our meat and dairy products come from.

Our menu includes all the delicious meals that will make a mountaineer's or gourmet's heart happy. Be it light or hearty, sweet or spicy, hot or cold – everything is homemade.

Some of our most popular meals of the ongoing summer season: Our homemade "Kaiserschmarrn" pancake dish with apple sauce or cranberries, "Käsespätzle" egg noodles with melted cheese of southern Germany, our Kreuzalm "Knödeltris", a trio of special dumplings of Tyrol, Italy, home-baked cakes, great "Brotzeit" plates of cold cuts with bread and garnishings and many other delicious meals and snacks!



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